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Specialist in illustrative design


I have been drawing since I was three years old. Since the time I could hold a pen and was able to put ink or lead to paper. Naturally, I got kicked out of class many times for drawing. However, this didn’t deter me from making art anytime I got a chance. Then, I discovered tattoos at the age of 18. At this time, I was a client just like everyone else, but something told me that this is what I wanted to do. Therefore, when I got a chance to work in a Tattoo shop, I took it. After that, I worked at a few shops and learned from other artists.

In the end, I needed stability so I opened my own private studio. This gave the the chance to be at one location for my clients to always find me. In conclusion, Inkbug (tattoo shop) was built.

(941) 217-5572

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Tattoo Artists

Artists are skilled practitioners who design and apply works of art to the skin. Also, considered a symbol of rebellion, an ancient art form, or the work of a non conventional artist. Undoubtedly, Tattoo Art has evolved into a modern art form. As a result, most skilled Tattoo artists work on and appointment based schedule to create unique art. Remember, It is important to communicate well with your artist to create the art you are looking for. Furthermore, know your schedule before you meet with your artist. Afterwards, its likely that you will be booking your tattoo appointment.

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Artist Starts A Tattoo

Once a design has been finished, a basic outline of the tattoo will be transferred to the client’s skin using a stencil or freehanded. Afterwards, the artist can begin the tattooing process. Also, every artist works differently with their client. Therefore, chose the best artist for you. Firstly, a tattoo artist will start with an outline of the tattoo. Secondly, he will fill in the tattoo using different colors and shading techniques. Lastly, depending on the design, a tattoo artist will usually use a several different types of tattoo needles. After the tattoo is finished, the tattoo artist will also educate his client on proper tattoo aftercare. Above all, tattoos should be kept clean in order to avoid infection and speed up the healing process. Therefore, it is very important to listen to your Artists instructions.

Artists Clean And Sterilize Daily

Two major aspects of a tattoo artist’s job are safety and sterilization. For instance, many dangerous diseases can easily be transferred through blood. Therefore, a tattoo artist takes precautions to prevent this. Additionally, these precautions always include discarding tattooing needles after each client and sterilizing work area surfaces.