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Cover ups are all different. We will gladly meet with you for the purpose of trying to figure out how to cover your tattoo with a new design. If its not within our skillset to make the correct changes for a successful cover up or we can’t come to an accord on how it needs to be done, then the work will be turned down. cover ups are some of the most complicated type of tattoos.

Expectations should be realistic. The fact is that sometimes even though the coverup was done successfully, the old tattoo contrast may still show through the new tattoo. We are honest and will always make our best efforts to communicate well with our clients.

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Firstly, the consulting tattoo artist will book a few hours to half a day to meet with only you. Secondly, during this one-on-one meeting, you’ll talk about the design, size, style and location of the tattoo. Thirdly, the artist may freehand sketch some of the major parts of the tattoo on your skin. In conclusion, this helps to have a better idea of the final layout and share some ideas with you.

If you have any references of the tattoo you would like, it’s important to bring them to the consultation.

Tattoo placement and design can only be addressed in person. For example, the clients physical attributes, skin type, previous tattoos, and other factors play a vital role in these areas.

Furthermore, even for a very small tattoo, its best to meet with the tattoo artist you plan to hire BEFORE you make that commitment. Lastly, plan ahead, ideally the consultation will take place at least a few days before your tattoo.

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Design is the second step of the Tattoo process. At this point you already had your consultation with your artist and your ideas are being applied into the design phase. Remember that communication is key and will make all the difference in the outcome of the design. There should be no doubt of liking the design because you’ve already met the artist and have checked out their portfolio and like the way they tattoo and their style.

As you age, your body changes and so does what’s important to you. Think about that before you embark on the body art journey.

What If I Don’t Know What Tattoo Designs I Want?

No matter how good your artist is, they will not tell you which tattoo would be best for you. This is a tattoo that you will have for the rest of your life! If you are stuck for ideas, you need to put more thought into it before approaching your artist. Also, the internet is a wonderful resource. Therefore, once you have more of an idea, then the artist can help guide you through making it
look good.
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